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EU-funded project uses robots, not humans, to inspect petrochemical containers

September 4th 2013

The European Commission, together with a consortium of ten European companies led by Shell, launches today the PETROBOT project, which will develop robots which can replace humans in inspections of pressure vessels and storage tanks widely used in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. Read More.


A.Hak Industrial Services takes over Linde Nitrogen Services from Linde Gas Benelux B.V.

August 1st 2013

Per 1 augustus jl. heeft Linde Gas Benelux B.V. te Schiedam haar activiteit Linde Nitrogen Services (LNS) verkocht aan A.Hak Industrial Services BV te Tricht. Ook 14 personeelsleden van LNS gaan over naar A.Hak. Read More.


Tank cleaning innovation: remote controlled jet

April 17th 2014

A.Hak innovative spray gun unit with non-entry system does away with the need for the risky manual cleaning of product storage tanks.
View fact sheet


Successful non-men entry tank cleaning job with the new ARCC-system

October 28th 2014

Tank Storage Services successfully completed a Benzene tank cleaning job with our new ATEX Remote Controlled Cleaning-System (ARCC). The non-men entry system minimizes safety hazards, can be used in explosive atmosphere and the HD camera makes very precise cleaning possible.
The subject tank concerned a floating roof tank used for the storage of Benzene. With the use of the ARCC system and our patented A.Hak Safeguard ® the tank was delivered to the client with Benzene levels at 0.0 PPM and LEL values of 0,0%.

For more information on this project or our Tank Storage Services, please contact your local office or our sales manager Tank Storage Services, Andy van Delden, mobile +31 622 595 291 or e-mail


A.Hak Industrial Services will organize a 2-day masterclass about inspection and intelligent pigging

February 5th 2015

The masterclass will be held on 29 and 30 April in Tricht, the Netherlands. Ten recognized experts will teach you all the ins and outs about their own specialisation. After this masterclass you will be fully aware of all you need to know about the pigging of pipelines. We will teach you how intelligent pigs work and how you should interpret the data received by using these pigs. Also you will learn which method is the best for your specific pipeline. Last but not least you will get the opportunity to test the intelligent pigging at our own testloop facility. More information can be found on the following website:

In cooperation with IIR we provide a combi-deal for people who want to visit the “Buisleidingen Platform 2015” in Ridderkerk and also want to follow the masterclass from A.Hak Industrial Services. Read more about this forum and the combi-deal on the following website:


InTank lawsuit settled

February 6th 2015

A.Hak Industrial Services BV, A.Hak Industrial Services US, LLC, A.Hak InTank Services, LLC, and TechCorr USA, LLC have amicably resolved their lawsuit regarding, among other things, the use of the InTank trademarks and the rights to the underlying technology for robotic on-stream tank bottom inspection systems and services.

Click on the link to read the full press report


A.Hak Industrial Services approved by Saudi Aramco

April 14th 2015

A.Hak Industrial Services is very proud that Saudi Aramco has officially approved our Online Tank Inspection services. The service is now officially registered in the Saudi Aramco system and is available for all Aramco plants.

In 2014, the Tank Division of A.Hak Industrial Services Middle East LLC conducted a trial at one of the sites of Aramco in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the online inspection of fire water tanks. These tanks cannot be taken offline for inspection and that is why they asked A.Hak to use their proprietary tank inspection robots to perform this inspection while the tank is in operation. After the inspection Saudi Aramco performed an evaluation of this project, which led to the official approval of our services.

A.Hak Industrial Services will shortly start trials to get approval from Saudi Aramco for its proprietary inspection technologies. Not only for fire water tanks but also for tanks with hydrocarbons (white products) and crude tanks.


A.Hak Industrial Services is a proud member of the PETROBOT Project

May 19th 2015

A.Hak Industrial Services is very proud to be a member of the PETROBOT Project. This consortium consists of 10 members and we are working together to develop a series of robotic inspection solutions. These robots will be used by asset inspectors to conduct remote inspection of pressure vessels and above ground storage tanks, which are widely used in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry.

The objectives of the PETROBOT project are:

  • to minimize the exposure of personnel to potentially hazardous conditions
  • to reduce downtime
  • to save resources by utilizing robotic technology
Watch the PETROBOT Project over here:

The PETROBOT Project is supported by an EU grant from the FP7 Robotics program and is a three year project. More information can be found on the following link:


A.Hak Industrial Services' analyses services for optimal cleaning advice

February 16th 2016

A.Hak Industrial Services is proud to now offer fast and independent analysis services to support chemical cleaning projects. Our own analysis center is located in Rhoon, The Netherlands. Our staff has extensive knowledge and experience with chemical processes and they have the most advanced equipment at their disposal.

Our analysis service focusses on finding the best cleaning solutions and giving high quality substantiated cleaning advice to our clients. We strive to develop the best cleaning products and procedures with the least impact for our client and the environment.

We are also able to do the analyses during the execution of a project. By taking measurements in different stages of the process, we can show the progress that has already been made. This way we can exactly determine the required cleaning time and present our client immediate confirmation that the requested results are met. Our analysis center can discharge the need for your own analysis procedures and, depending on the kind of measurement, we are able to present the results within an hour.

Types of research of our Analysis Center:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Determining the different components of the contamination
  • Testing of corrosion resistance of the installation with the suggested cleaning solution
  • Determining the expected amount and compilation of waste disposal after the cleaning
If you would like to use our analysis services or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our sales team on:

T: 0031 (0)528 – 225300



New 3” ultrasound Piglet® available

April 19th 2016

A.Hak Industrial Services has recently launched its new 3” pipeline and furnace inspection systems, available for projects worldwide. This most recent development is part of a new range of faster tools with XYZ mapping possibilities.

The first pilot projects are already executed successfully. ‘Which was fully as expected since our flexible design of our tools guarantees a smooth bi-directional inspection in every pipeline configuration’, states Mr. Edwin Rosier, Sales Manager Inspection Services.

The new range of fast Ultrasound Inspection tools is an addition to the well proven High Resolution Piglet® tools which have already been renown for years now and are available for diameter ranges between 4” and 46”.

All A.Hak Industrial Services’ tools are free swimming inspection pigs which can be used for all kinds of piggable and ‘non-piggable’ pipelines such as lines with mitered or back-to-back bends with radii (less than) 1.5D. Edwin Rosier adds: ‘Even unbarred tees are not a problem for our intelligent tools’.

Due to the real time monitoring of the inspection data and the possibility of A.Hak Industrial Services executing its own cleaning works, a successful data collection is mostly guaranteed. ‘On request we can report pipeline inspections with ultra high resolution and even report within 24 hours for furnace applications’.

For further information please contact our head office in The Netherlands:


Pipeline Pigging Course

May 20th 2016

A.Hak Industrial Services organizes a Pipeline Pigging Course for pipeline operators and other interested parties on September 8th 2016. The main goal of the course is to learn on how to pig a pipeline safely and in a controlled manner. Principles on how to check the “piggability” of a pipeline shall be taught. Furthermore you will learn on how to clean a pipeline properly and get them prepared for maintenance or inspection.

Topics of the course:
· Pipelines (piggable & non-piggable)
· Cleaning / Gauging / Pig-tracking
· ILI technologies
· Do’s and Don’ts for pigging

Practical exercises:
· Launching and receiving pigs
· Pig tracking
· Running ILI tools

At our unique facility with test loop in Tricht, The Netherlands, a wide range of pigging facilities are available for practical exercises such as: 3”, 4”, 6” and 12” test loops which are equipped with different bend radii, Tee-pieces, valves, pipe schedule changes and artificial defects.

A. Hak Industrial Services has over 30 years of excessive experience on pigging pipelines and furnaces and is specialized in non-piggable pipelines. The training will be given by experienced people who have worked in the field worldwide for many years.

Practical information
Date: September 8, 2016
Time: 9:00 – 17:00
Location: A.Hak Industrial Services, Steenoven 2-6, Tricht, The Netherlands
Fee: € 495,- pp* (excl. VAT)

* More than 8 attendees gives a 10% reduction.

Included are:

  • Lunch and beverages
  • Course material
  • Use of pigging facilities (test loop, pigs, pumps, et cetera)
  • Proof of attendance for ILI tool operators
If you have any questions, please contact our head office:


Masterclass Pigging for students Avans+

May 31st 2016

Recently A.Hak Industrial Services hosted for the fourth time the Masterclass Pigging for the students of the Master of Pipeline Technology degree at the Avans+ college. On top of the theoretical knowledge, students could gain practical experience with pigging at our test loop in Tricht, The Netherlands.


Winner ADNOC’s 19th annual HSE Awards

July 30th 2016

A.Hak Industrial Services is very proud to be a winner at the ADNOC’s 19th annual HSE Awards. The awards were hosted to honor employees from across the ADNOC Group Companies, partners and contractors who have made outstanding contributions and demonstrated innovative thinking in safeguarding the employees and operations. Together with our partner ADMA-OPCO we were the winner of the award in the Group Company & Contractor Partnership Category for the project “Inspect the Uninspectable” also known as “Pig the Unpiggable”. Needless to say, we are extremely happy 



March 13th 2017

At the StocExpo Rotterdam from 28 – 30th March A.Hak Industrial Services B.V. will be introducing his new Online Tank Inspection Systems (OTIS) for Petro chemical plants, airports, water and nuclear industries.

Due to local regulation issues, tanks usually need to be taken out of service for a fixed time period for inspection, without knowing in advance if this is actually necessary. The new Online Tank Inspection Systems can provide inspections according to API-653 standards, which allows you to avoid having to take the tank off-line. Together with an ATEX-153 ‘safe-working’ declaration by DEKRA and an exclusive developed safety system the robots are one of the most advanced and safe on-line inspection systems on the market.

Great accuracy
A.Hak Industrial Services’ patented acoustic navigation system – equipped with navigation pingers in combination with other supplementary systems on the robot and navigation transducers on the tank shell – is used to pinpoint the robot’s location. Using onboard UT transducers, developed with years of knowledge and expertise from our pipeline inspection services, the robot follows a predetermined digital inspection grid and can collect millions ultrasonic scans of the tank bottom in order to perform computerized data analysis. The robot is equipped with an onboard sonar system to detect objects in the tanks. When operating in clear fluids, we can equip the robot with HD cameras for visual inspection and navigation. The navigation allows us to reproduce our inspection grid in the future to determine corrosion rates with great accuracy. Our robots can maneuver in tanks containing sludge of up to 30 centimeters (12 inches) in depth.

Safe and cost-effective
Inspections involving a human presence increase safety and environmental risks, and traditional tank bottom inspection technologies require tanks to be offline during inspection. They must be drained, cleaned, degassed and ventilated – all of which incur significant costs for tank owners. By using our robots, the tank bottom inspection takes significantly less time, plus it is safer and more cost-effective. A.Hak Industrial Services’ storage tank inspections will ensure the safety, reliability and integrity of your storage tank, while providing more efficient operations.


A.Hak Industrial Services
Steenoven 2-6
4196 HG Tricht
P.O. Box 151
4190 CD Geldermalsen
The Netherlands

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